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Give Christmas Makeup Coupons as Christmas gifts – why not?

Women go to great things to look good and it is worth it. The Christmas period is a time of treating ourselves and looking at our best. Most of the time women get new outfits for the holiday season. This should be accompanied by the adorable Christmas makeup so as to enhance their looks. The secret behind a gorgeous look is a perfect set of makeup products which can be bought at discount price by using makeup coupons, for example, at Promocode4share.

Christmas is also a time of getting gifts for each other.  Not many guys know about make up. However getting a makeup Christmas gift for her is a great way of appreciating her. 

Getting makeup coupons relieves a man the dilemma of what to choose.   When she gets the coupon then she will choose what she likes.  This will come in handy especially for guys with women who are so into makeup.  In addition make up is an important thing for the majority of women.  Make her look the best this Christmas with a cherished gift.

Great outfits and sparkle Christmas makeup will enlighten merry making during this special time of year. Using coupons provides an opportunity to use featured products that have been rated to ensure that only quality deals are on top. She will be dazzling at the Christmas Party with the best of makeup.  This challenge can be eased by using coupons at Promocode4share where there are rated coupons.

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Get all November beauty coupons

Beauty and makeup coupons allow you to get the best cosmetics, make-up, skin care, hair care, beauty products without spending excessive amount of money. Here is the list of beauty and makeup coupons that you can found this November.  

Drug store

Right now Drugstore.com, the biggest online retailer for health, beauty and pharmaceutical products, is offering up to 60% off clearance sale on beauty and personal care items. This deal can combine with other beauty coupons and deals that you can find at this store such as: New customer can redeem a coupon to avail $5 discount on purchase of $30 non prescription product and $10 discount on purchase of $50 non-prescription item. Also I can get free shipping on online order at this store.

discount drug store

Image Source: Supposenaythinggoes

ULTA store, trusted name to buy cosmetics, fragrances, beauty and salon products, has introduced some fabulous new products in make up for holiday season. Some of them are Too Faced Holiday Be Marry and Bright Kit andJaponesque Color Make Up Kit. On purchase of certain Japonesque Color products, you get free foundation sample and free shipping. Also, buy 1 get 1 offers are going on Maybelline cosmetics and Earth Therapeutics bath and body products. And by using ULTA beauty coupons, you can get $10 off on order of $60 or more.


Image Source: Flickr

body shop coupon

Image Source: Wikimedia

Body Shop, the online retailer for natural beauty products, has plenty of ongoing offers. Some of them are Buy 3 Get 3 free or Buy2 Get 2 free mix and match offer, 50% off on hand creams, and free shipping with any Honeymania products. Body Shop also offerssome incredible deals such as Dreams Unlimited Eau de Parfum at just $7.80!

Shop n save now!

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Amazing Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is coming so near. And it is the perfect time to get out of your skin and into somebody else's.You could emulate the scary creatures of the night such as vampires, witches, mummies and movie characters.
Below are some ideas on where and how you can do those Halloween make ups.

For makeup looks, you can get eBay coupons and shop on eBay for your makeup.  There is a store that I absolutely love on eBay called MomCTY .  You can get special effects looks that you would only see at the movies.  Check out the effect below with elf ear and makeup!

Image Source: Ebay
You can also go for more of a popular theme with Halloween in the vampire genre.  Contrast your face with your eyes and opt for black and blue makeup for the eyes.  For your face, embody the ghastly paleness of a true vampire with white powder.  Paint your lips dark led for that blood-sucking look.  Grab your Drugstore coupon code and shop for those colors.
Image Source: Tazz.com
Get ready for Halloween with the deal that could help you get up to 60% Off onHalloween Essentials at eBay.  It’s amazing what you can find on there. When in doubt, use the search feature to get what you’re looking for. 

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Get Coupons of Top Makeup Brands

Nothing brings joy to a woman than the idea of knowing she can buy high quality makeup at a reasonable price.  You can get great deals using Ulta Coupons, Body Shop Coupons, Drugstore.com coupon code.  Here are some top makeup brands and savings.

Benefit Cosmetics
This cosmetic brand is creative in both their presentation and product quality. You can shop for Benefit at Ulta.  The current promotional code will give you free shipping on all orders over $50.  This deal will end in December 31st so hurry up before everyone else starts shopping for Christmas gifts. 

Image Source: beautezine

This is a great brand because it’s luxurious but accessible to almost everybody.  Their matte powders are great and their lipsticks are a must have.  You can get your coupons and use them off at drugstore.com.  There is also an overstock deal that offers you free shipping everyday.  Imagine all the makeup items you can buy!  That deal ends on December 31st
Image Source: Shaws.ie

The Body Shop
The body shop is amazing in both the makeup finds and body related products.  If you love clear skin you will love their seaweed face wash.  There is an ongoing 70% off on sale items. 
Remember to check out Ulta coupons, Body Shop coupons, Drugstore.com coupon code for great deals on your favorite makeup brands. 
Image Source: Thegloss

For all those who love a great steal when it comes to brand name makeup, you can find all the best brands at Ulta, Body Shop and Drugstore.com

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How to Apply Eyeliner

Most often, eyes are the first things people look at when they meet you.  You can learn to enhance your eyes with makeup.  Eyeliner is a great thing but it can be messy if not applied right. A small bonus: keep a watch out for eBay coupons and Ulta coupons for great prices on your makeup.
You can choose eyeliner in two forms: liquid or pencil.  Liquid application is a bit tricky but, with practice, you'll be a pro. Here are some tips and tricks to help you with eyeliner application.
1.Start by applying your foundation, blush and eye shadow.  Prep the lid with primer to have an oil free area to work with.

Image Source: Eldiariodelanena
2.Tilt your head back. This way you can apply it as close to your lash line.  To apply liquid eye liner, try to steady your hand by resting your elbow on a countertop.  Then create a dotted line along your lash line.  Make sure the dots are close to the base of the eyelid.  This will give off that nice illusion of having full lashes.
Image Source: Staticc02.insing.com
3.Connect the dots with brief strokes using an eyeliner brush.
Image Source: Informi.ru
4. Now line the lower lashes using the same technique.  You can also line the waterline (inner part) for a more dramatic look. 
Image Source: Us.images.detik.com
5.The final step: you can apply your mascara.
Image Source: Arssalon.cz
To get affordable makeup to try your new look, check out eBay coupon: get 30-80% off and don’t forget the Ulta coupon

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Summer Makeup Tips: Dos and Donts

Most women, when the summer comes, go into sheer panic because they do not know how to do their makeup right. Summer is hot, sweaty and usually wet from the sea and pool, and your face is the first thing that tends to melt when the temperatures go high, therefore finding the right tricks to make it always look fresh and perfect is probably one of the most complicated missions for a woman. These makeup tips will become your survival guide, so you will never again go wrong with your summer makeup and always manage to have a fresh-looking and perfect face! Here are the top dos and don’ts that will teach you how to get it right. 
DO lighten up your foundation
Your usual heavy liquid foundation, the one that you use during the winter, becomes your worst enemy in the summer. It will make your skin sweat like mad and turn your face into a melting mess. Lock that into your cupboard and go bare skin! Your sun-kissed skin will glow and look fab even if it does not have its usual layer of foundation in the summer. Anyhow, if you really feel too exposed with no face makeup on, buy instead a sheer foundation or, even better, a tinted moisturizer. Look for mineral powders are really light products that will be good for your skin in the summer. Try a mineral powder foundation ($4.85. Get it for even less with the Banggood coupon!) or the Boots No7 soft and sheer tinted moisturizer ($11.99 ) and see what works best for your skin.

DON’T overdo with your bronzer
Bronzers are great in the summer, especially if you have a fair skin, as they give you that slightly tanned and healthy look that makes your eyes look brighter and your teeth whiter, but it has to be used with caution. You definitely do not want to look really fake and unnatural, so just apply it in small doses and only in certain points, like your forehead, the top of your cheeks and your chin and then blend it in with the rest. For a great natural look, get the Too Faced Endless Summer Long-Wear Bronzer ($30) that promises to last 16+ hours thanks to its innovative technology.

DO go for bright eye shadows
Just as in the summer you are more keen to go for bright colored tops and clothes, you should play more also with the color of your eye shadow. My makeup tip is to go for colors like turquoise, orange or yellow for a fresh and summery look. Remember not to use creamy eye shadows, but powder ones, that are lighter and they will last longer in the heat. Get the 40 Color Eyeshadow Makeup Set ($7.06 ) to have a really wide choice and cover the whole summer palette. Save money with theBuyincoins coupon for this product!

DON’T wear makeup if you are going to get wet
Do you have in your mind a picture of a raccoon!? Wearing makeup and then going for a swim is exactly the way you are going to achieve that look! Even if an eye-liner or mascara promises to be waterproof, odds are that it will not last if you are going for a good swim and you will just end up looking like a panda!

DO go natural
In the summer, the sun rays will make you look glowy and gorgeous and, in most cases, you probably will not need any makeup at all. Try to go bare during the day and don’t wear anything on your face, but if you feel too uncomfortable and exposed in doing that, go for a fresh summer makeup with a light product to even out your skin, some mascara and a non-sticky light lipgloss. Try out the Too Faced Sun Shines Lip Gloss ($16 ) for a really lightweight and shimmering look.
DON’T forget the sunscreen
It is true that the sun can give you a great healthy color, but it can also seriously affect your skin. Do the words wrinkles, damaged skin and skin cancer say anything to you!? Plus, the sun can really make your skin look much older, and you definitely do not want to end up at 40 looking like a 60 years-old. Always apply it to keep your skin hydrated during the day in the summer. If you want to wear makeup on top, wait 15-20 minutes before applying it. This summer go for the Neutrogena Age Shield Face Sunblock Lotion SPF ($11.99 ).
DO get a pedicure
There is nothing worse than to see a girl who is all pulled together nicely, with a cute dress and great sandals, and then notice the skin of her talons all chapped and the polish of the toe nails ruined. Make it a habit to regularly go to the beauty salon to get a pedicure done so also your feet will always look gorgeous.

DON’T forget your makeup in a warm place
Lipsticks, eye-pencils and cream-based products will all be totally ruined if you do not store them in a cool place. Do not bring them with you at the beach and leave them under the sun if you want to use them ever again!

DO wear lipbalm with SPF
Want to avoid having burned or chapped lips this summer? The solution is to get a lipbalm with SPF that will protect you from the sun. Just as you protect your skin with sunscreen it is a great idea to also protect your lips! You can go for a tinted lipbalm that will give some color to your lips whilst protecting them. Try out the Nivea A Kiss of Shine Lip Care ($3.45) for a natural glossy look and a great protection.
DON’T leave home without a moisturizer on 
After a long day in the sun, your skin will be stressed out and dehydrated, even if you wear your sunscreen. In the evening, make it a habit of always applying a layer of moisturizer before you put your makeup on. It will have the effect of making your skin glow and even make your tan last longer! Get the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Facial Moisturizer ($22.59 ) for a full treatment for your skin.

Now you know all that you need to know about summer makeup! This summer you will never again go wrong and you will always have a healthy and glowy skin. So, go and buy all your summer essentials now, always keeping in mind these makeup tips, and start the season with the right foot!

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