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4 Lipstick Colours Girls Should Have

Every girl needs a collection of lipsticks to suit every occasion, whether it’s another day at the office or a weekend party, and with our current makeup coupons, you can choose from a whole array of lipstick colours and save money on your purchases too!
   Nude / neutral – every needs a subtle neutral lipstick for everyday use. The shade will depend on your natural skin colour, but as a guide, it is best to opt for one that is a little darker – don’t choose a very pale lipstick if your skin color is darker, for example.
     Pink is a very springtime color and will go great with light colored clothing, like spring dresses and pants. Again, make sure the shade you choose is a little darker than your skin colour to keep that natural look.
Image Credit: Ulta.com

Here are our other suggestions for essential lipstick colours:
     Red is a classic, sexy lip colour and is a great choice for a night out on the town!
If you’re planning a romantic dinner, then this gorgeous darker Red Velvet colour will complete your outfit perfectly!
Image Credit: Ulta.com

    Finally, if you want to have a bit of fun, why not add an orange lipstick to your collection? Remember, bright colours do not suit every skin colour, so try a variety of shades first to check their compatibility!
Shop online today for your new lipstick colours and make the most of our makeup coupons when you visit our promo coupon pages.

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