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Amazing Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is coming so near. And it is the perfect time to get out of your skin and into somebody else's.You could emulate the scary creatures of the night such as vampires, witches, mummies and movie characters.
Below are some ideas on where and how you can do those Halloween make ups.

For makeup looks, you can get eBay coupons and shop on eBay for your makeup.  There is a store that I absolutely love on eBay called MomCTY .  You can get special effects looks that you would only see at the movies.  Check out the effect below with elf ear and makeup!

Image Source: Ebay
You can also go for more of a popular theme with Halloween in the vampire genre.  Contrast your face with your eyes and opt for black and blue makeup for the eyes.  For your face, embody the ghastly paleness of a true vampire with white powder.  Paint your lips dark led for that blood-sucking look.  Grab your Drugstore coupon code and shop for those colors.
Image Source: Tazz.com
Get ready for Halloween with the deal that could help you get up to 60% Off onHalloween Essentials at eBay.  It’s amazing what you can find on there. When in doubt, use the search feature to get what you’re looking for. 

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bella Willson said...

Ahhh I like it,its fun while reading and the First Image is attractive I know its animated but I attract me..! And ya there is many online coupons specially in the events but honestly the its good because it give you a discount because of event so go and try it.

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